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Dear Friends,

It is always said, if there is a problem, you should research and find a way to provide a solution. This is where most content creators would start when creating new content.

Within my research, google trends shows back pain has been a long-term problem for many years and with many people suffering.

Take a look at the statistics I found below.

As you can see from the above statistics. The blue line relates to the back pain problems people have. It covers the worldwide population, and we are only looking over the last 5 years.

I think it’s a big problem for masses of people suffering from back pain.

These people need help, and what a better way we can help, by providing them with content and the information they need help with.


Back Pain PLR Content Package!

If you’re looking for content in health, this could be the one for you.

If you’re thinking of setting up a brand new blog for back pain-related problems. This content package is highly recommended to you.

Affiliate marketing for back pain or health problems is a great place to get started. This DFY back pain PLR content package is for you if you’re looking to get started, you will need plenty of content.

Maybe you are skilled in this market and just need extra content to add to your marketing, then this would be a good pack for you.

Let's Take A Peek To What's Inside!

Module #1

This module starts out with the Back Pain Relief E-book

The book has been written and loaded with 14,929 words.

Which has been written up from 20 Articles Pack.

Just to be clear here, this is not rehashed or rewritten content, this is all brand new Fresh content.

Never been used or seen online before now!

Module #2

20 Back Pain Articles

These 20 back pain articles  have been used in creating the Back Pain Relief E-book

Just to be clear here, this is not rehashed or rewritten content, this is all brand new Fresh content.

Never been used or seen online before now!

Module #3

Book Cover Graphics & Images Used In The Book… 

This module has included –

Two flat cover designs
Two 3d cover designs

11 Images included, 8 of which has been used inside the book, you can also add more on the inside to make it your own…

Both covers are made in large and small sizes…

Here is where we would say buy it now, and YES, You can surely go ahead and do that.

BUT WAIT, We have some bonus modules for you, just to make it a NO BRAINER with your buy decision today!

*** Bonus Modules ***

Bonus Module #1

WordPress Mini Website – Beautiful Mini-Site Templates For Your Marketing!

E-book Squeeze Page – WordPress template – Giveaway to build an email list…
E-book Sales Page – WordPress template – If you choose to sell the e-book…
Free E-book Download Page – E-book Sales Download Page

We haven’t included any short reports here, because giving away report doesn’t really work nowadays… We feel it gives more value to the customer, when you give them something out of nothing! They like it more and they do tend to read it, as it has a cost related to it…

The page templates are also editable inside of WordPress. So, if you choose to give it away, you could add it there.

“This book is going on sale real soon – Grab it now before you’ll have to pay for it” Or something along that line…

Bonus Module #2

10 Part Mini Email Series

This module is made up of 10 brand new written emails. Follow up with your customer and drive them back to your blog and offers…

Two welcome email are also included here,

1 Welcome email for the free book giveaway…
2 Welcome email for after the book sale…
3 Then you have the 10 follow up emails…

Newly Added Bonus

5 Sciatica PLR Articles

This extra bonus module is made up of 5 brand new Sciatica PLR Articles, I just finished writing them up.

It got me thinking that they would help make this whole offer a no brainer… Grab it fast as I am not sure how log I will keep this Extra  bonus on this page..
Who doesn’t like extra FREE content right!!!


Imagine having an eBook with you at all times to reference about your back pain matter and learning effective exercises and strategies to keep your pain away and much more…

Simon Newcombe provides you with a detailed explanation of this health challenges (more than 15,000 words actually) so that you can minimize or prevent the pain that comes with it.

Every chapter in the eBook is well describe so that you can understand the message well. Being a past back pain sufferer, I am very happy with the created product.

You even have the option to sell it as if its your own. They comes with Extra Articles, eBook Images, Social Media Graphics, Mini-Website, Mini-Email Series and even Amazon Products for you to promote too.

I would recommend this PLR product if you do not have any of your own.

Simon allowed me review access to his new back pain PLR Content Package, and up-sells. I must say he has done a great job.

Starting out, the back pain relief e-book, which is massive at around 14,000 plus words! is perfect for respinning, blog posts, and advice sheets. Plus, you have the rights to give it away or sell it, along with all the material to do both. You will also get some top quality, great content. Along with his bonuses for everyone who picks it up during the launch period.

For example, The Social Media Graphics bonus in the OTO 1 looks amazing! The perfect way to reach and engage with your potential audience. I would have picked it up for those alone! You’ll also get a lot of extra content here too. If you love PLR content you may want to pick up the reseller rights package too, allowing
you to recoup your costs.

Thanks again Simon for the access.

Regards, Robin Slee

BUT, how much is it going to cost YOU for everything above...

When it comes down to content, if you go out and check the cost for one good article, you’ll know you’d be looking at around $20 to $30, $40, or more for good content.

How much would a good e-book cost? This could be anywhere from $150 and up in the hundreds to get written for you.  

Emails and Copy Writing

I can tell you this as a fact, from speaking with a copywriter friend of mine. 

I know that he would charge around the 150 dollar mark for one written email. And for sales letter copy, you’d be paying around a minimum of $3k.

You’ll be getting a great discount from me today. I personally would never charge those prices.

Now, for everything above, the regular price will be set at $44

The regular price is kept super low. I wanted to keep things really low and make this accessible for everyone.

Special Launch Week Only Price – You’ll be glad to know you can pick up the whole Back Pain PLR Content Package for a mere — 


YES – A Mere $14

Let's Have A Recap On Everything You'll be Getting Today!

Back Pain Relief E-book
Value $150.00

20 Articles Pack
Value $200.00

Book Cover Graphics.
Value $100.00

Bonus #1
WordPress Mini Website

E-book Squeeze Page
E-book Sales Page
Free E-book Download Page
E-book Sales Download Page
Value $500.00

Bonus #2
10 Part Mini Email Series
Value $600.00

A Conservative Total Value Cost Of $1,150

I feel the $14 I am asking you for today, is a fair price for the amount of content you’ll be getting today.

HIT that buy button below to grab yourself A copy of the Back Pain PLR Content Package today!

You got to be quick, as It will not stay at the low price I am asking for today for long.
You’ll have a few days to pick up the offer, or when you come back the price would have gone up…

Private Label Rights

What You Can Do!

[YES] Can edited in any way
[YES] Can claim yourself as the author
[YES] Can be used as content in paid membership sites
[YES] Can be packaged or bundled with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus for paid products
[YES] Can be used for opt-in bonuses
[YES] Can be used as a gift/giveaway to your list
[YES] Can be used as your own site content


What You Cannot Do!

[NO] Cannot sell Resale Rights
[NO] Cannot sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Cannot sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Cannot offer through auction sites
[NO] Cannot sell on Tradebit or any other resale site.
[NO] Cannot give away as or sell as PLR

All the best,

Simon Newcombe…

P.S Don’t miss out on this amazing deal today, you’ll be kicking yourself when you come back to a higher price…


Is there a money back guarantee?

All sales are Final. There’s no refund given on this PLR content package. You’ll have instant access after purchase to everything offered on this page, please be sure to read everything on this page carefully before you make your purchase.

Do you offer any support?

Feel free to contact us at if there is any issue downloading or you are having any problems with gaining access to the products.

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